Monarchy alive and well in Halifax

By Kate McKenna

Halifax royalty Rebekah Higgs and Nathan Doucet are holding court from May 21-23.

The duo announced the launch of a new Halifax festival, Long Live the Queen, in late March.  The festival’s going to happen  over – you guessed it – Victoria Day weekend.  Curating the show themselves, they hand-picked their favourite acts to play during three day festival.  Acts will feature locals bands and bands who happen to be touring through the Maritimes at the end of May.  Although both Higgs and Doucet are known for being musicians, not promoters, they’re eager to host a festival.

“We both very much enjoy promoting shows and watching live music. We felt that things don’t often come into fruition unless you find like minded people to work with. Nathan and I both really wanted to start a collective artist centered music focused event, with special features to set the festival apart,” said Higgs on her motivations

The full line up’s not available yet, but the pieces are falling into place.

“We have 90% of the shows filled,” said Higgs, “We are just working on final touch ups and a few bigger headliners.”

Above all, Higgs wants to foster a community atmosphere.  Though the Halifax scene is small, it’s also mighty – their end game, she says, is to strive to unite the artists within the city.

“There is no shortage of bands and shows and art centered things, but at the same time we don’t have the population to accommodate a scene that can grow to be more sustainable. A small community can be mighty, there is a community vibe to much of the art scene, people work together and freelance and donate their services to help other peoples projects.. . . This festival is about community building, getting involved and being a part of something new and interesting, that is why as musicians we felt it was important for Halifax to have another festival.”

Confirmed acts include Cousins, Braids, Windom Earle, Rich Aucoin, A History of, and much more.

For updated information, see their blog or their twitter.  Those interested in volunteering, ought to email Andrew Neville, volunteer coordinator.


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